bhavanam भवनम्

Definition: भवनम् [भू-आधारे ल्युट्] 1 Being, existence. -2 Production, birth. -3 An abode, residence, dwelling, mansion; अथवा भवनप्रत्ययात् प्रविष्टो$स्मि Mk.3; Me.34; Rām.7.11. 5. -4 A site, abode, receptacle; as in अविनयभवनम् Pt. 1.191. -5 A building. -6 A field; स शालिभवनं रम्यं सर्व- सस्यसमाचितम् Mb.5.84.15. -7 Nature. -8 Horoscope, natal star. -नः A dog. -Comp. -उदरम् the interior of a house. -द्वारम् a palace-gate. -पतिः, -स्वामिन् m. the lord of the house, a pater familias.

Dictionary: Apte
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