bharata भरत

Definition: m. [to be maintained], Name of a certain Agni who is kept alive by the care of men (V.); a certain Agni with a son of the same name (E.); actor; Name of various princes and men; Name of a tribe, the descend ants of Bharata (pl.); Name of a manual of the histrionic art composed by a certain Bharata: -rishabha, m. ep. of Visvâmitra; -khanda, n. Name of a division of Bhârata-varsha; -putra, m. son of Bharata, actor; -pura,n. Name of a city; -roha, m. N.: -ka, m. id.; -½rishabha, m. noblest among the Bharatas, ep. of various men; -vâkya, n. actor's speech = epilogue of a play; -sârdûla, m. tiger among --, -sreshtha, -sattama, spv. best of the Bharatas, id.; -sena, m. Name of a commentator on the Meghadûta, Raghuvamsa, Sisupâlavadha, and Bhattikâvya.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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