bhairava भैरव

Definition: भैरव a. (-वी f.) [भीरोरिदम् अण्] 1 Terrible, frightful, horrible, formidable; वेल्लद्भैरवरुण्डमुण्डनिकरैर्वीरो विधत्ते भुवम् U.5.6. -2 Miserable. -3 Relating to Bhairava. -वः 1 A form of Śiva (of which 8 kinds are enumerated). -2 The sentiment of terror (भयानक). -3 Fear, terror. -4 Name of a musical mode (राग) calculated to excite emotions of fear or terror. -5 A mountain. -वी 1 A form of the goddess Durgā. ˚चक्रम् a disc of the goddess भैरवी; प्रवृत्ते भैरवीचक्रे सर्वे वर्णा द्विजोत्तमाः । निवृत्ते भैरवीचक्रे सर्वे वर्णाः पृथक् पृथक् ॥ Utpattitantra. -2 Name of a Rāgiṇī in the Hindu musical system. -3 A girl of 12 or a young girl representing the goddess Durgā at the Durgā festival. -वम् Terror, horror. -Comp. -ईशः an epithet of Viṣṇu (or Śiva ?); so भैरवतर्जकः. -यातना a sort of purificatory torment inflicted by Bhairava of Benares on those who die there, to make their spirits fit for absorption into the Supreme Spirit.

Dictionary: Apte
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