bhagna भग्न

Definition: pp. (√ bhañg) broken, etc.; n. fracture of the leg; -krama, n. violation of syntactical construction; -gânu, a. broken-kneed; -tâ, f. condition of being broken: pravahanasya, ship wrecked condition; -pra krama, n. inappropriate sequence in using a word not suiting one previously employed (rh.); -pratigña, a. having broken one's promise, faithless; -bhânda, a. having broken his pots; -manas, a.discouraged; -manoratha, a. disappointed; -mâna, a. whose pride has been offended; -yâkña, a. whose request has been refused; -vrata, a. having broken his vow; -sakti, a. whose power is broken; -samdhi, a. having broken joints; -½âsa, a. whose hopes have been frustrated, disap pointed; -½udyama, a. whose efforts have been foiled, baffled.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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