bhaṭṭaḥ भट्टः

Definition: भट्टः [भट्-तन्] 1 A lord, master (used as a title of respect in addressing princes). -2 A title used with the names of learned Brāhmaṇas; भट्टगोपालस्य पौत्रः Māl.1; so कुमारिलभट्टः &c. -3 Any learned man or philosopher. -4 A kind of mixed caste, whose occupation is that of bards or panegyrists; क्षत्रियाद्विप्रकन्यायां भट्टो जातो$नुवाचकः । वैश्यायां शूद्रवीर्येण पुमानेको बभूव ह । स भट्टो वाव- दूकश्च सर्वेषां स्तुतिपाठकः ॥ Brav. P. -5 A bard, panegyrist. -Comp. -आचार्यः 1 a title given to a learned man or any celebrated teacher (esp. कुमारिलभट्ट). -2 a great doctor. -नारायणः Name of the author of वेणीसंहारम्. -प्रयागः = प्रयाग q. v.

Dictionary: Apte
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