bhāvavikāra भावविकार

Definition: kinds of verbal activity which are described to be six in number viz. production, existence, transformation, growth, decay and destruction. These six modes of existence first mentioned by Vāŗșyayani and quoted by Yāska are explained philosophically by Bhartŗhari as a mere appearance of the Śabdabrahman or Sattā when one of its own powers, the time factor (कालशक्ति) is superimposed upon it, and as a result of that superimposition, it (i.e. the Śabdabrahman) appears as a process; cf. षड् भावाविकारा भवन्ति इति वार्ष्यायणि: | जायते अस्ति विपरिणमते वर्धते अपक्षीयते विनश्यति इति । Nir.I.2; cf. also Vākyapadiya III.30.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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