bhāradvājaḥ भारद्वाजः

Definition: भारद्वाजः [भरद्वाजस्यापत्यम् अण्] 1 Name of Droṇa, the military preceptor of the Kauravas and Pāṇḍavas;यदाश्रौषं व्यूहमभेद्यमन्यैर्भारद्वाजेनात्तशस्त्रेण गुप्तम् Mb.1.1.19. -2 Of Agastya. -3 The planet Mars. -4 One of the seven Ṛiṣis. -5 A sky-lark. -6 Name of the author on the science of Government mentioned by Kauṭilya; Kau. A.1.15. -जम् A bone. -जी The wild cotton shrub. -जाः One of the अर्थशास्त्र schools mentioned by Kauṭilya in connection with राजपुत्ररक्षण; Kau. A.1.17.

Dictionary: Apte
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