bandhu बन्धु

Definition: m. connexion, relation; kinship, kindred; (maternal) kinsman; relative; friend; husband; --°ree;, relation of=extremely like; friend of=visited by or favourable for; --°ree; a. (û), coming under the head of, i. e. being only in name: -kritya, n. duty of a kinsman; business of a friend, friendly service; -ksít, a. dwelling among kinsmen (RV.1); -gana, m. kinsfolk; relative; friend; -gîva, m. (liv ing in the family), a tree (Pentapetes phoenicea; it has a beautiful red flower which opens at noon and falls off next morning at sunrise): -ka, m. id.; Name of a kakravartin; (ú)-tâ, f. connexion, relation; kinship; -tva, n. kinship, relationship; -datta,pp. given by relatives; m. Name of a man; â, f. N.; -pâla, m. N.; -príkkh, a. seeking one's kin (RV.1); -prabha, m. Name of a fairy; -prîti, f. love of one's friend; -bhâva, m. relationship.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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