bṛhaduktha बृहदुक्थ

Definition: a. far-praised; m. a certain Agni; N.; (-ád)-diva, a. belong ing to high heaven, heavenly; m. Name of a son of Atharvan and composer of RV. X, 120; the hymn composed by Brihaddiva; -devatâ, f. Index of the many gods (of the RV.), title of an Anukramanî ascribed to Saunaka; -dyuti, a. shining brightly; (-ád)-bhânu, a. of great brilliance; m. a certain Agni; N.; -rathá, m. (having a great chariot), mighty hero (RV.1); (-ád)-rátha, m. N.; -ratham tara, n. du. the Sâmans Brihat and Ratham tara; (-ád)-rayi, a. having abundant wealth (RV.1); -vrata, n. the great vow of chastity; a. practising the great vow of chastity.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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