ayuta अयुत

Definition: अयुत a. 1 Disjoined, detached, not connected. -2 Uninterrupted, undisturbed. Av.19.51.1. -तम् Ten thousand, a myriad. सूर्याब्धिसंख्यया द्वित्रिसागरैरयुताहतैः Sūrya. शाखानामयुतम् -Comp. -अध्यापकः a good teacher. -ता, -जित् Name of a king (son of Sindhudvīpa and father of Ṛituparṇa) Bṛi. Up. Name of another king (son of Bhajamāna;) V. P. -नायिन् Name of a king in the Mb. -सिद्ध a. (in Vaiś. Phil.) proved to be inseparable and inherent. -सिद्धिः f. proof that certain things or notions are inseparable and inherent. -होम a kind of sacrifice. B. P.

Dictionary: Apte
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