paritāpa परिताप

Definition: m. heat, warmth; dis tress, anguish, sorrow, affliction; remorse; giving pain; -tâpin, a. burning hot; causing affliction or sorrow, distressing; -tushti, f. satisfaction; -tripti, f. perfect satisfaction; -tosha, m. satisfaction, gratification, glee; pleasure or delight in (g. or lc.); -toshayi tri, a. satisfying, gratifying; -tosha-vat, a. satisfied, gratified; -toshin, a. satisfied with, gratified by (--°ree;); -tyakta, pp.deserted, abandoned; -tyaktri, m. forsaker; -tyâga, m. abandonment, desertion; repudiation; re linquishment, renunciation, loss, privation, sacrifice: -sena, m. Name of a prince; -tyâgin, a. abandoning; resigning, renouncing (--°ree;); liberal; m. renouncer; -tyâgana, n. causing to abandon; depriving of (--°ree;); -tyâgya, fp. to be abandoned, -deserted, -renounced, avoided; -trâna, n. preservation, protection, help, deliverance, rescue from (ab.); shelter, refuge; preventive of (g.); -trâtavya, fp. to be protected from (ab.); -trâtri, m. pro tector, deliverer (with ac. or g.); -trâsa, m. fright, fear.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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