paridhāna परिधान

Definition: n. putting on (a gar ment); clothing, dressing; vesture, garment, sp. lower or under garment: -valkala, n. bark for clothing, -vastra, n. upper garment; -dhânî-kri, turn into an under garment; -dhârana, n. suffering, indulging in (g.): â, f. endurance; -dhí, m. (put-round), enclo sure, protection, fence, rampart: also of the ocean as encircling the earth; halo round sun or moon; horizon; circumference; the (three) green sticks surrounding the sacrificial altar; -dhî-kri, put on; -dhûsara, a. quite grey or dusty; -dhvamsa, m. eclipse; distress; dis aster, failure; loss or mixture of caste; -dhvamsin, a.destroying (--°ree;); destructive.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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