avarṇa अवर्ण

Definition: the letter अ; the first letter of the Sanskrit alphabet, comprising all its varieties caused by grades, (ह्रस्व, दीर्घ, प्लुत) or accents of nasalization. The word वर्ण is used in the neuter gender in the Mahābhāṣya; cf. सर्वमुखस्थानमवर्णम् M. Bh. I.1.9, मा कदाचिदवर्णं भूत् M.Bh. I.1.48 Vārt. 1; cf also M. Bh. on I.1.50 Vārt. 18 and I.1.51 Vārt. 2: cf. also ह्रस्वमवर्णं प्रयोगे संवृतम् Sīradeva Pari. 17. 6

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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