nirviśaṅka निर्विशङ्क

Definition: a. unhesitating, fear less: -m or in., fearlessly; -visesha, a. de void of distinction, like, equal; not differing from (--°ree;); unqualified, absolute: -m, without a difference; n. lack of distinction, like ap pearance: in. in the same way as (--°ree;), -vise sha, m. difference without a distinction=not the slightest difference, -½âkriti, a. having an appearance not differing from the rest, looking precisely alike; -visha, a. not poisonous; deprived of poison; -vishaya, a. driven from one's abode; banished, from (--°ree;); not relating to an object; unattached to the ob jects of sense; -vishayî-kri, banish, remove from (--°ree;);-vishî-kri, free from poison; -vîrya, a. feeble, tame, spiritless.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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