atantra अतन्त्र

Definition: implying no specific purpose: not intended to teach anything, अविवक्षित; e.g. ह्रस्वग्रहणमतन्त्रम् Kāś and Si. Kau. on तस्यादित उदात्तमर्धह्रस्वम् P.1.2.32: cf. also अतन्त्रं तरनिर्देशः (the use of तरप् does not necessarily convey the sense of the comparative degree in Pāṇini's rules) M. Bh. on P. I.2.33. This statement has been given as a distinct Paribhāṣa by Vyāḍi and Sākaṭāyana. The author of the Mahābhāṣya appears to have quoted it from the writings of Vyāḍi and the earlier grammarians See also M. Bh. on अल्पाच्तरम् P. II.2.34.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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