bhūtātmaka भूतात्मक

Definition: a. having the na ture of or composed of the elements; -½ât man, m. soul of living beings, ep. of Brahman and of Vishnu; individual soul; a. whose soul is purified; m. body (whose nature is the elements); -½âdi, m. the first of all beings, ep. of Vishnu; m. n. Ahamkâra as the pro ducer of the elements; -½anadyatana, m. not the same day in the past; -½antaka, m. des troyer of beings, god of death; -½abhisha&ndot;ga, m. possession by an evil spirit; -½ârabdha, pp. formed out of the elements; n. pl. all organic matter; -½artha, m. thing that has really happened, actual fact; -½âvâsa, m. abode of beings, ep. ofVishnu and Siva; abode of the elements, the body; -½âvishta, pp. possessed by evil spirits; -½âvesa, m. pos session by evil spirits; -½âsana, n. seat of evil spirits, Name of a magical car.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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