bandhana बन्धन

Definition: a. (î) binding, fettering; captivating; n. binding, tying, fastening; bandaging; tying on (of a girdle etc.); entwining, clasping; capture; confinement, imprisonment, captivity; construction (of a bridge etc.); embanking or damming up (water); bridging over; connexion; fixing upon, directing towards (lc.); checking, suppressing; mundane bondage (opp. final liberation); bond, fetter; rope, cord, thong, halter, tether; fig. bond = that which holds any thing (g.) together; prison; sinew, muscle; embankment; stalk, stem (of flower or fruit): --°ree; a. bound to (lc.), fettered by (--°ree;): -kâr-in, a. (--°ree;) fettering, clasping: (-i)-tâ,f. abst. n.; -stha, a. being or living in confinement or captivity, imprisoned; m. captive, prisoner; -½agâra, m. house of bondage, prison.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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