akṣama अक्षम

Definition: अक्षम a. [न. त.] 1 Unfit, incompetent, unable; कार्यं˚, पलायन,˚ उपवास˚ &c. -2 Unable to bear or endure, not forbearing, non-forbearing; impatient; ˚मा कालहरणस्य Ś.3 unable to brook delay, admitting of no delay; मामक्षमं मण्डनकालहानेः R.13.16. -मा [न. त.] 1 Impatience, intolerance; envy, jealousy; धावन्त्यमी मृगजवाक्षमयेव रथ्याः Ś.1.8 as if envying (jealous of) the deer's speed. -2 Anger, passion.

Dictionary: Apte
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