na न

Definition: pcl. not; less (with numerals=not quite by, in. or ab.: ékayâ na vimsati, 19; ekân na trimsat, 29); lest (with pot.); V.: as, like (not exactly, almost; or as it does not coalesce metrically, it may have been an affirmative particle originally= Gk. nai/). When repeated it implies a very strong affirmation (exceptionally a strengthened negation). In a second or later clause it is sometimes replaced by ka, vâ, api vâ, or even dropped. It is often strengthened by api, api ka, u, utá, eva, khalu, ka, ka½api, ka½eva, ked, tu, tu½eva, vâ, atha vâ, ha.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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