apramāṇa अप्रमाण

Definition: अप्रमाण a. 1 Unlimited, immeasurable, boundless. -2 Without authority, proof or weight, unauthorized. -3 Not regarded as an authority, not trustworthy; आजन्मनः शाठ्यमशिक्षितो यस्तस्याप्रमाणं वचनं जनस्य Ś.5.25. -णम् 1 That which cannot be taken as authority in actions; i. e. a rule, direction &c. which cannot be accepted as obligatory. -2 Irrelevancy. -Comp. -आभः, -शुभः (pl.) 'of unlimited lustre', Name of a class of deities (with Buddhists). -विद् a. not conversant with evidence, or incapable of weighing evidence.

Dictionary: Apte
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