apavyadh अपव्यध्

Definition: अपव्यध् 4 P. 1 To pierce (badly); अपविद्धः शरैर्भृशम् Mb. -2 To throw or cast in general, throw or cast off, toss away; प्रेङ्खयन् परिजनापविद्धया (दोलया) R.19.44 left, let go; भुजस्तम्भापविद्ध Mv.2.33 thrown, or wielded; अप- विद्धसर्वस्वा Dk.61 given or spent away; Ki.5.3; Śi. 8.37; हृदयमशरणं मे पक्ष्मलाक्ष्याः कटाक्षैरपहृतमपविद्धं पतिमुन्मूलितं च Māl.1.28 pierced through, distracted, overcome. -3 To abandon, leave, desert, cast off (as a child, ornaments &c.); पुरा श्मशाने स्रगिवापविध्यते Mb., Ms.11. 41, Dk.98.111.

Dictionary: Apte
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