apakarṣa अपकर्ष

Definition: deterioration of the place or instrument of the production of sound resulting in the fault called निरस्त; cf. स्थानकरणयेारपकर्षेण निरस्तं नाम दोष उत्पद्यते, R. Pr. XIV.2; (2) drawing back a word or words from a succeeding rule of grammar to the preceding one; cf."वक्ष्यति तस्यायं पुरस्तादपकर्षः, M. Bh. on II.2.8. (3) inferiority (in the case of qualities) न च द्रव्यस्य प्रकर्षापकर्षौ स्तः ।

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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