apahṛ अपहृ

Definition: अपहृ 1 P. 1 (a) To take off, bear or snatch away, carry off; पश्चात्पुत्रैरपहृतभरः V.3.1 relieved of the burden; तन्त्रादचिरापहृतः पटः brought; तन्त्रादचिरापहृते P.V.2.7 Sk. (b) To avert, turn away; वदनमपहरन्तीम् (गौरीम्) Ku.7.95 averting or turning away her face. (c) To rob, plunder, steal. -2 To sever, separate, cut off; R.15.52. v. l. -3 To overpower, overcome, subdue; attract, ravish, captivate; affect, influence (in a good or bad sense); अपह्रिये खलु परिश्रमजनितया निद्रया U.1 overpowered; उत्सवा- पहृतचेतोभिः Ratn.1; यथा नापह्रियसे सुखेन K.19 seduced, led away, 277; न...प्रियतमा यतमानमपाहरत् R.9.7 did not subdue i. e. did not divert his mind. -4 To remove, take away, destroy, annihilate, deprive (one) of; कीर्तिं˚ R.11.74; प्रिया मे दत्ता वाक् पुनर्मे$पहृता Dk.52. -5 To take back, resume; देयं प्रतिश्रुतं चैव दत्त्वा नापहरेत्पुनः Y.2.176. -6 To subtract, deduct. -Caus. To cause (others) to take away; परैस्त्वदन्यः क इवापहारयेन्मनोरमाम् Ki.1.31.

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