ap अप्

Definition: kṛt affix अ, in the sense of verbal activity (भाव) or any verbal relation (कारक) excepting that of an agent, (कर्तृ) applied to roots ending in ऋ or उ and the roots ग्रह्,वृ,दृ etc. mentioned in P. III.3.58 and the following rules in preference to the usual affix घञ. e.g. करः, गरः, शरः, यवः, लवः, पवः, ग्रहः, स्वनः etc, cf. P.III, 3.57-87; (2) compound-ending अप् applied to Bahuvrīhi compounds in the feminine gender ending with a Pūraṇa affix as also to Bahuvrīhi compounds ending with लोमन् preceded by अन्त् or वहिर् e. g. कल्याणीपञ्चमा रात्रयः, अन्तर्लोमः,बहिर्लोमः पटः cf. P. V. 4.116, 117.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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