anuvad अनुवद्

Definition: अनुवद् 1 P. 1 To imitate in speaking, mock (with acc.); गिरं नः...अनुवदति शुकस्ते मञ्जुवाक् पञ्जरस्थः R.5.74 repeat; उक्तमनुवदति Sk.; (P. & A.) to resound, echo; अनुवदति वीणा P.I.3.49 Sk. अनुवदते कठः कलापस्य ibid.; सभा- भित्तिप्रतिध्वानैर्भयादन्ववदन्निब Śi.2.67 echoed and approved also; घोषस्यान्ववदिष्टेव लङ्का पूतक्रतोः पुरः Bk.8.29. -2 To repeat or say again by way of explanation, illustration or corroboration; see Kull. on Ms.1.74;2.6. -3 To repeat, tell, say (generally); निजमनोरथमनुबदन्त्या Dk.21. -4 To abuse, rail at. -Caus. To cause to resound or echo.

Dictionary: Apte
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