anuvādaḥ अनुवादः

Definition: अनुवादः 1 Repetition (in general); गुण˚ K.26. -2 Repetition by way of explanation, illustration or corroboration; अनुवादे चरणानाम् P.II.4.3. (सिद्धस्योपन्यासे Sk.) -3 Explanatory repetition or reference to what is already mentioned, such as paraphrase or free translation; particularly, any portion of the Brāhmaṇas which comments on, illustrates, or explains a Vidhi or direction previously laid down and which does not itself lay down any directions; a supplementary repetition, opp. to विधि 'authoritative or direct injunction'; विधिविहितस्य अनुवचनमनुवादः । नानुवादपुनरुक्तयोः विशेषः शब्दाभ्या- सोपपत्तेः Nyāya sūtra; cf. also विध्यनुवादयोर्विधिर्ज्यायान्, अपू- र्वार्थप्रकल्पत्वादिति ŚB. on MS.1.6.3. It is of 3 kinds:- भूतार्थ˚ (सदेव सौम्येदमग्र आसीत्); स्तुत्यर्थ˚ (वायुर्वै क्षेपिष्ठा देवता) and गुण˚ (अग्निहोत्रं जुहोति इत्युक्ते दध्ना जुहोति इति गुणविधानात्); see अर्थवाद also. -4 Corroboration, confirmation. -5 Slander, abuse, reviling. -6 Advertisement, notice; report, rumour. -7 Commencement of speech (वाचारम्भणमात्रम्).

Dictionary: Apte
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