anupalabdhi अनुपलब्धि

Definition: अनुपलब्धि f. Non-recognition, non-perception (प्रत्यक्षाद्यभाव); नास्ति घटो$नुपलब्धेः (the knowledge of घटाभाव is possible because the प्रतियोगी or counter-entity is not found with the non-entity or अभाव, that is, there being no उपलब्धि or knowledge of the घट); one of the instruments of knowledge according to the Mīmāṁsakas, but not according to the Naiyāyikas. -Comp. -समः a fallacy, trying to establish a fact (say, the eternity of sound) from the impossibility of seeing the non-perception of it.

Dictionary: Apte
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