anuśāsanam अनुशासनम्

Definition: अनुशासनम् Advice, persuasion, direction, order. command; instruction, laying down rules or precepts; a law, rule, precept; treatment (of a subject), (with the object in comp. or with gen., the agent, if expressed, being put in the instr. or gen.); एतद्वै भद्रमनुशासनस्य Rv.1.32.7. एतदनुशासनम् Tait. Up.7.9.7. भवत्यधिक्षेप इवानुशासनम् Ki.1.28 words of advice; तन्मनोरनुशासनम् Ms.8.139;6.5;2.159; यौवन˚ K.146; नामलिङ्ग˚ laying down rules on the gender of nouns, explanation of gender &c.; शब्दानुशासनम् Sk.; शब्दानामनुशासनमाचार्यस्य आचार्येण वा P.II.3.66 Sk. -Comp. -पर a. obedient. -पर्वन् Name of the 13th book of the Mahābhārata (so called because it lays down precepts of advice).

Dictionary: Apte
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