anilaḥ अनिलः

Definition: अनिलः [अनिति जीवति अनेन, अन् इलच् Uṇ.1.54] 1 Wind; वायुरनिलममृतमथेदम् Īśop.17. प्राणानामनिलेन वृत्तिरुचिता Ś.7.12; स सखा दीप इवानिलाहतः Ku.4.3. (The number of winds is 7:- आवहो निवहश्चैव उद्वहः संवहस्तथा । विवहः प्रवहश्चैव परिवाहस्तथैव च ॥ and these are again subdivided into 7 divisions, the total number being 49). -2 The god of wind. -3 One of the subordinate deities, 49 of whom form the class of winds. -4 Name of one of the 8 Vasus, i. e. the fifth. -5 The wind in the body, one of the humours; ˚हन्, ˚हृत्, ˚घ्न. -6 Rheumatism or any disease referred to disorder of the wind. -7 The letter य्. -8 Symbolical expression for the number 49. -9 Name of the lunar asterism स्वाति. -1 Name of Viṣṇu (तस्य प्राणात्मना सर्वदेहधारणात् तथात्वम्). -Comp. -अयनम् way or course of the wind. -अशन, -आशिन् a. [अनिलमश्नातीति] 1 feeding on the wind, fasting. -2 a serpent. आर्जवेन विजानामि नासौ देवो$निलाशन Mb.12.36.5. -अन्तकः (wind-destroying) Name of a plant (Iṅgudī) or अङ्गारपुष्प. -आत्मजः son of the wind, epithet of Bhīma and Hanūmat. -आमयः [अनिलकृतः आमयः शाक. त.] 1 flatulence. -2 rheumatism (वातरोग). -घ्न, -हन्, -हृत् a. curing disorders from wind. -घ्नकः a large tree (बिभीतक) Terminalia Belerica. (Mar. बेहडा). -पर्यायः pain and swelling of the eyelids and outer parts of the eye. -प्रकृति a. of a windy nature. (-तिः) Name of the planet Saturn. -भद्रकः a. kind of chariot. With regard to shape the chariots are divided into seven classes - नभस्वद्भद्रक, प्रभञ्जनभद्रक, निवातभद्रक, पवनभद्रक, परिषद्भद्रक, इन्द्रकभद्रक, and अनिलभद्रक Māna.43.112-115. -व्याधिः derangement of the bodily (internal) wind. -सखः, -सारथिः fire (the friend of wind); जनमेजयस्य वो यज्ञे धक्ष्यत्यनिलसारथिः Mb.1.15.1. so ˚बन्धुः.

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