anati अनति

Definition: अनति ind. Not very much; compounds beginning with अनति may be analysed by referring to अति; e. g. अनतिक्रमः moderation; अनतिक्रमणीय not to be transgressed, inviolable, अनतिदृश्य opaque; अनातेद्भुत unsurpassed, real, true, proper, ब्रह्मा त इन्द्र गिर्वणः क्रियन्ते अनतिद्भुता Rv.8.9.3. अनतिव्याध्य invulnerable; अनत्यन्तगति P.V. 4.4 sense of diminutive words; अनत्यय imperishable, undecaying &c.; अनतिप्रश्न not to be asked to excess; अनतिविलम्बिता absence of delay; fluency as a speaker's qualification, one of the 35 Vāgguṇas, q. v.

Dictionary: Apte
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