anagha अनघ

Definition: अनघ a. [न. ब.] 1 Sinless, innocent; अवैमि चैनामन- घेति R.14.4. -2 Free from blame, faultless, handsome; अखण्डं पुण्यानां फलमिव च तद् रूपमनघम् Ś.2.1; यस्य ज्ञानदयासिन्धोरगाधस्यानघा गुणाः Ak.; ˚सर्वगात्री Dk.123. -3 Without mishap or accident, free from danger, calamity &c.; safe, unhurt; यास्त्वामनघमद्राक्ष्म Dk.18; कच्चिन्मृगीणामनघा प्रसूतिः R.5.7; मृगवधूर्यदा अनघप्रसवा भवति S.4 safely delivered or brought to bed; ˚प्रसूतेः R.14.75. -4 Without grief or sorrow; दयालुमनघस्पृष्टम् R.1.19. -5 Free from dirt, impurities &c.; pure, spotless; R. 1.8;13.65; Si 3.31. -6 Tireless, not exhausted; Bhāg.2.7.32. -घः 1 White mustard. -2 Name of Viṣṇu; अनघो विजयो जेता; V. Sah.16. also of Śiva and of several other persons, a Gandharva, Sādhya &c. -Comp. -अष्टमी Name of the eighth day (spoken of in the fiftyfifth Adhyāya of Bhaviṣyottara Purā&na)

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