anaṅga अनङ्ग

Definition: अनङ्ग a. [न. ब.] 1 Bodiless, without a body; formless, incorporeal; त्वमनङ्गः कथमक्षता रतिः Ku.4.9. -2 Different from the body. -3 Without a supplement or auxiliary. -ङ्गः 1 Cupid (the bodiless one; so called from his having been reduced to ashes by Siva with the fire of his third eye, when he tried to seduce the God's mind towards Pārvatī for the birth of a deliverer of the Gods from Tāraka.) -2 Wind. -3 A goblin. -4 A shadow, cf. अनङ्गे मन्मथे वायौ पिशाचच्छाययोरपि Nm. -ङ्गम् 1 Sky, air, ether. -2 The mind (आकाशस्य निरवयवत्वात् न्यायवैशेषिकमते चित्तस्य अगुणत्वेन तस्य तथात्वम्). -Comp. -आपीडः Name of a king of Kashmir. -क्रीडा [तृ. त.] 1 amorous sports. -2 Name of a metre of two lines, the first with 16 long, and second with 32 short, syllables. -द a. [उप. स.] inspiring love; ˚दे तनुभूते ते भुजलते K.22. (also without Aṅgada); बाह्वोरनङ्गदत्वस्य बाले ते कारणे उभे Bhār. Ch. -देवी Name of a queen of Kashmir. -द्वादशी Name of the 83rd chapter of भविष्योत्तरपुराण; ˚त्रयोदशीव्रतम्, see under व्रत. -पालः Name of a king's chamberlain at Kashmir. -लेखः (मदनलेखः) a love letter; ˚लेखक्रिय- योपयोगं (व्रजन्ति) Ku.1.7. -रङ्गः Name of a erotic work describing the several postures (आसन) pertaining to sexual intercourse. -लेखा 1 A love letter. -2 Name of a queen of Kashmir. -शत्रुः, -असुहृत् &c. Name of Siva. -शेखरः Name of a metre of four lines, each with 15 iambic feet.

Dictionary: Apte
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