anaḍ अनड्

Definition: substitute अन् as Samāsānta at the end of a Bahuvrīhi comp. in the feminine for the last letter of the word ऊधस् and for that of धनुस् in all genders e.g. कुण्डोघ्नी (by applying ई to कुण्डोधन्), शार्ङ्गधन्वा, अधिज्यधन्वा; cf. P V.4.131, 132; (2) substitute अन् for the last letter of the words अस्थि, दधि etc. before the affixes of the instrumental and the following cases beginning with a vowel e. g. अस्थ्ना, दध्ना, अक्ष्णा etc. cf. P. VII. 1.75; (3) substitute अन् for the last letter of the word सखि, of words ending in ऋ,as also of उशनस् and others before the nominative sing. affix सु. e. g. सखा, कर्ता, उशना cf. P. VII.1.93, 94.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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