anāgata अनागत

Definition: अनागत a. [न आगतः, न. त.] 1 Not come or arrived; तावद्भयस्य भेतव्यं यावद्भयमनागतम् H.1.54. -2 Not got or obtained; वर्धिष्णुमाश्रयमनागतमभ्युपैति Śi.5.14; so ˚आर्तव. -3 Future, to come; see compounds below. -4 Not learnt or attained, unknown. -तम् The future time, future; ˚तं यः कुरुते स शोभते Pt.3.164 he shines (thrives, prospers) who provides for the future; अनागतवतीं चिन्तामसंभाव्यां करोति यः Pt.5.17. -Comp. -अवेक्षणम् looking to the future, provident thought, foresight. -आबाधः [अनागतः आबाधः दुःखम्] future (physical) trouble or calamities, illness &c. affecting the body in times to come; ˚प्रतिषेधनीयम् Name of chapter 24 of the चिकित्सास्थान in Suśruta. -आर्तवा [स्त्रीपुष्पविकासनम् आर्तवम्, न आगतमार्तवं यस्याः] a maiden who has not yet arrived at puberty. -विधातृ m. [अनागतम् उद्दिश्य विदधाति] one who provides for the future, provident, prudent (used as the name of a fish in Pt.1.138; H.4.6); अनागत- विधाता च प्रत्युत्पन्नमतिस्तथा । द्वावेतौ सुखमेधेते यद्भविष्यो विनश्यति ॥ (where Dr. Peterson translates the three names by 'Mr. Provider-against-a-future-evil', 'Mr. Cool-head', and 'Mr. what-will-be-will-be').

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