amogha अमोघ

Definition: अमोघ a. 1 Unfailing, reaching the mark; धनुष्यमोघं समधत्त बाणम् Ku.3.66; R.3.53;12.97; कामिलभ्येष्वमोघैः Me.75. -2 Unerring, infallible (words, boon &c.); अमोघाः प्रतिगृह्णन्तावर्ध्यानुपदमाशिषः R.1.44; युतममोघतया Ki. 6.4. -3 Not vain or useless, efficacious, fruitful, productive; यदमोघमपामन्तरुप्तं बीजमज त्वया Ku.2.5; so ˚बलम्, ˚शक्ति, ˚वीर्य, ˚क्रोध &c. -घः 1 Not failing or erring, unerringness. -2 Name of Viṣṇu (or of Śiva according to some). -3 Name of a river. -घा 1 Name of the plant पाटली (Mar. पाडळी) (the trumpet flower). 2 Name of another plant विडङ्ग (Mar. वावडिंग) the seed of which is used as a vermifuge, and hence also called कृमिघ्न. -3 = पथ्या. -4 Name of a spear or शक्ति. -5 Name of Śiva's wife. -6 Mystical name of the conjunct consonant क्ष. -Comp. -अक्षी f. Name of Dākṣāyaṇī, Matsya P. -दण्डः urerring in punishment, Name of Śiva. -दर्शिन्, -दृष्टि a. of unerring mind or view, Name of a Bodhisattva. -नन्दिनी Name of a Śikṣā-text. -पाशः Name of a Loke-Śvara (Buddhistic). -बल a. of never-failing strength of vigour. (उच्चैःश्रवस्). -भूतिः Name of a king of the Punjab. -राजः Name of a Bhikṣu; L. V. -वर्षः Name of a Chālukya prince. -वाच् f. words not vain or idle, that are sure to be fulfilled or realized. a. one whose words are not vain. -वाञ्छित a. never disappointed. -विक्रमः of neverfailing valour; Name of Siva. -सिद्धिः Name of the fifth Dhyānibuddha.

Dictionary: Apte
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