amita अमित

Definition: अमित a. 1 Unmeasured, boundless, unlimited, infinite, great, immense; मितं ददाति हि पिता मितं भ्राता मितं सुतः । अमितस्य हि दातारं भर्तारं का न पूजयेत् Rām.2.37.3. -2 Neglected, disregarded. -3 Unknown. -4 Unpolished. -Comp. -अक्षर a. not having a fixed number of syllables; prosaic. -अशनः Powerful devourer, epithet of परमेश्वर; of Viṣṇu. -आभ a. Of great lustre, of unbounded splendour. (-भः) a class of divinities mentioned in V. P. -आयुः Name of a Dhyānibuddha. -ओजस् a. of unbounded energy, all-powerful, Almighty; स तैः पृष्टस्तथा सम्यगमितौजा महात्मभिः Ms.1.4. -क्रतु a. of unbounded wisdom or energy. -गतिः Name of a Vidyādhara, Ks. Name of a Jaina author. -तेजस्, -द्युति a. of unbounded lustre or glory. -ध्वजः Name of a son of Dharmadhvaja; V. P. -रुचिः Name of a deity (Buddhistic). -विक्रमः 1 of unbounded valour; अनन्तवीर्यामितविक्रमस्त्वम् Bg.11.4. -2 a name of Viṣṇu. -वीर्य a. of immense strength.

Dictionary: Apte
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