ambikā अम्बिका

Definition: अम्बिका 1 A mother, good woman, also used like अम्बा as a term of respect or endearment; अत्तिके अम्बिके शृणु मम विज्ञप्तिम् Mk.1. -2 Name of a plant (अम्बा 2); Name of another plant कटुकी. -3 Name of Pārvatī, wife of Śiva; आशीर्भिरेधयामासुः पुरः पाकाभिरम्बिकाम् Ku.6.9. -4 Name of the middle daughter of Kāśīrāja and the eldest wife of Vichitravīrya. Like her youngest sister she had no progeny, and Vyāsa begot on her a son named धृतराष्ट्र. -5 Name of a Jaina deity. -Comp. -पतिः, -भर्ता Name of Śiva. -पुत्रः, -सुतः Name of धृतराष्ट्र.

Dictionary: Apte
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