tulyakakṣa तुल्यकक्ष

Definition: a. equal (--°ree;); -kulya, a. of the same family; m. relative; -guna, a. of similar qualities, equally good; -gâtîya, a. of the same kind, like; -tâ, f. equality with (in. or --°ree;), in (in.); -tva, n. equality, with (in. or --°ree;); -darsana, a. looking at every thing with indifference; -naktam-dina, a. to whom night and day are alike; -nindâ-stuti, a. indifferent to blame and praise; -bhâgya, a. having a like fate; -yoga½upamâ, f. a rhe torical figure in which dissimilar objects are treated alike; -vayas, a. of equal age; -sas, ad. alike, in equal parts; -sîla, a. acting simi larly: -tâ, f. abst. n.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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