ak अक्

Definition: condensed expression (प्रत्याहार) representing the letters अ, इ, उ, ऋ and लृ in Pāṇini's Grammar cf. P. VI.1.12, 101; VII.4.2. (2) sign (विकरण) of the benedictive in Vedic Literature in the case of the root दृश् c. g. पितरं च दृशेयं P.III.l.86 V 2; (3) remnant of the termnination अकच् P. V. 3. 71; (4) substitute (अादेश) अकङ् for the last vowel of the word मुधातृ (P.IV.1.97) e. g. सोघातकिः.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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