aindra अइन्द्र

Definition: ऐन्द्र a. (-न्द्री f.) [इन्द्र-अण्] Belonging or sacred to Indra; ऋद्धं हि राज्यं पदमैन्द्रमाहुः R.2.5;6.27. -न्द्रः 1 Name of Arjuna and of Vāli (who are regarded as sons of इन्द्र). -2 Name of a Saṁvatsara. -3 The part of a sacrifice offered to Indra. -न्द्री 1 Name of a Ṛik addressed to Indra; इत्यादिका काचिदैन्द्री समाम्नाता J. N. V. -2 The east, eastern direction (prescribed over by Indra); अयमैन्द्रीमुखं पश्य रक्तश्चुम्बति चन्द्रमाः Chandr.5.58; Ki.9. 18. -3 The eighteenth lunar mansion. -4 The eighth day in the second half of the months of मार्गशीर्ष and पौष. -5 Indra's energy (personified as his wife Śachī). -6 Misfortune, misery. -7 A kind of cucumber. -8 An epithet of Durgā. -9 Small cardamom; यष्टयाह्वमैन्द्रीनलि- नानि दूर्वा Charak. -न्द्रम् 1 The eighteenth lunar mansion (ज्येष्ठा). -2 Wild ginger.

Dictionary: Apte
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