mahākathā महाकथा

Definition: f. great tale; -karu- na, a. very compassionate; -karna, a. great eared (Siva); -karman, n. great work; a. doing great works (Siva); -kalâ, f. night of new moon; -kalpa, m. great cosmic period; -kavi, m. great or classical poet (such as Kâ lidâsa, Bhavabhûti, etc.); -kâya, a. having a great body, bulky, gigantic; huge (tree): -tva, n. large size; -½âkâra, a. large, great, extensive; -kâla, m. a form of Siva in his capacity of the great destroyer of the world; Name of a temple of Siva Mahâkâla at Uggay inî; n. Name of a famous Li&ndot;ga: -pura, m. city of Mahâkâla, Uggayinî; -kâlî, f. a form of Durgâ; -kâvya, n. great or classical poem (a term specifically applied to the six poems Raghuvamsa, Kumârasambhava, Meghadûta, Kirâtârgunîya, Sisupâlavadha, and Naishadha karita); -kula, n. illustrious or noble family; (á), a. of high lineage: -½utpanna, pp. born of a noble family; -kulîna, a. belonging to a noble family: -tâ, f. noble origin, high birth; -kûla, a. having high banks; -ketu, a. hav ing a great banner (Siva); -kesa, a. thick haired (Siva); -kosa, a.having large testi cles (Siva): î, f. Name of a river; -kaushîta ka, n. title of a Vedic text; -kratu, m. great sacrifice (such as the Râgasûya and the Asva medha); -krodha, a. very irascible; -ksha tra-pa, m. great Satrap; -½aksha-patalika, m. head-keeper of the archives; -khâta, n. deep ditch; -khyâta, pp. very famous; -gaga, m. great elephant; elephant supporting the earth (=diggaga); -ganá, m. great host, swarm, or body: -pati, m.great lord of hosts, Ganesa; -ganesa, m. id.; -gandha, a. strong scented, very fragrant; -gala, a. having a thick or long neck; -giri, m. great mountain; -guna, a. having great virtues, very merito rious; very efficacious; -guru, a. very rever end person; -griha, n. great house; -gaurî, f. one of the nine forms of Durgâ; -graha, m. ep. of Râhu; -grâmá, m. great host (RV.1); large village; -grîva, a. long-necked (Siva); -ghata, m. large jar; -ghora, a. very terri ble; -ghosha, a. making a loud noise, thun dering (clouds); -½a&ndot;ga, a. having a large body or large limbs (Siva).

Dictionary: Macdonell
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