kṣīra क्षीर

Definition: Milk,’ also called Go or Payas, played a large part in the economy of the Vedic Indians. It was taken warm (pakva as it came from the cow, or was used with grain to make a ‘mess cooked with milk’ {ksīra-pākam odanam). It was also used for mixing with Soma (Abhiśrī, Áśir). From it butter (Ghrta) was made. Milk was also curdled, the Pūtīkā and Kvala plants, among others, being used for the purpose. The curdled milk (Dadhi) was undoubtedly used for food; and a kind of cheese is perhaps referred to in one passage of the Rigveda. Goat’s milk (aja-ksīra) is also mentioned.

Dictionary: vedic_index
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