kṣattṛ क्षत्तृ

Definition: Is a word of frequent occurrence in the later Samhitās and Brāhmanas, denoting a member of the royal entourage, but the sense is somewhat uncertain. In the Rigveda it is used of a god as the ‘ distributor ’ of good things to his worshippers; the same sense seems to be found the Athar­vaveda and elsewhere. In one passage of the Vājasaneyi Samhitā the interpretation ‘ doorkeeper ’ is given by the com­mentator Mahīdhara, a sense which seems possible in other passages, while Sāyana ascribes to it in one passage of the Satapatha Brāhmana the more dignified meaning of aηtah- purādhyaksa, ‘a chamberlain.’ In other passages, again, the sense of ‘ charioteer ’ is not unlikely. Later the Ksattr was regarded as a man of mixed caste.

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