krivi क्रिवि

Definition: Is asserted in the Satapatha Brāhmana to have been the older name of the Pañcālas. This statement is supported by the name of the king there mentioned, Kraivya Pāñcāla. The Krivis appear in the Rigveda as settled on the Sindhu and the Asiknī. It is a plausible conjecture of Zimmer’s that with the Kurus they made up the Vaikarna people. The importance of the Pañcālas, and the insignificance of the Krivis, may be explained in part by the fact that the later Kuru-Pañcāla alliance included the Bharatas. It is also probable, as Oldenberg suggests, from the Satapatha Brāh­mana, that the Turvaśas were included in the Pañcālas, and as the latter name indicates, probably other tribes also. Or, if Hopkins’ view is accepted that Turvaśa was king of the Yadus, the latter may in part have been allied with the Krivis to form the Pañcālas.

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