kauṣītaki कौषीतकि

Definition: (‘ descendant of Kusītaka ’) is the patronymic of a teacher, or series of teachers, to whom the doctrines set forth in the Kausītaki Brāhmana and in the śāñkhāyana Áranyaka, and the śrauta and Grhya Sūtras, are referred. He is rarely mentioned elsewhere. The doctrine of Kausītaki is called the Kausītaka. The pupils of Kausītaki are known as the Kausī- takis in the Nidāna Sūtra, and in the Pañcavimśa Brāhmana they with Kusītaka are stated to have been cursed by Luśākapi. Elsewhere they are called Kausītakins. If the śāñkhāyana Aranyaka can be trusted, there were among them at least two leading teachers, Kahoda and Sarvajit, the former of whom is mentioned elsewhere.

Dictionary: vedic_index
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