agastyaḥ अगस्त्यः

Definition: अगस्त्यः 1 = अगस्ति See above. -2 Name of Śiva. -Comp. उदयः 1 the rise of Canopus which takes place about the end of Bhādra; with the rise of this star the waters become clear; cf. प्रससादोदयादम्भः कुम्भयोनेर्महौजसः. R.4.21. -2 the 7th day of the dark half of Bhādra. -गीता [अगस्त्येन गीता विद्याभेदः] Name of a sort of विद्या mentioned in the Mb. Śāntiparvan; (pl.) Agastya's hymn. -चारः [ष. त.] the course of Canopus, the time of its rise which ushers the Śarad season and then every thing on earth assumes a lovely appearance. -तीर्थम् Name of a celebrated Tīrtha in the south. -वटः Name of a holy place on the Himālaya. -संहिता Agastya's collection of law.

Dictionary: Apte
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