adhyāropaḥ अध्यारोपः

Definition: अध्यारोपः 1 Raising, elevating &c. -2 (In Vedānta Phil.) Act of attributing falsely or through mistake; erroneously attributing the properties of one thing to another; considering through mistake a rope (which) is not really a serpent) to be serpent, or considering Brahman (which is not really the material world) to be the material world; असर्पभूतरज्जौ सर्पारोपवत्, अजगद्रूपे ब्रह्मणि जगद्रूपारोपवत्, वस्तुनि अवस्त्वारोपो$ध्यारोपः Vedāntasāra. -3 Erroneous knowledge.

Dictionary: Apte
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