adhvaryuḥ अध्वर्युः

Definition: अध्वर्युः [अध्वरमधीते Nir.; अध्वर-क्यच्-युच् ततो$न्त्याकार- लोपः Tv.] 1 Any officiating priest, technically distinguished from होतृ, उद्रातृ and ब्रह्मन्. His duty was"to measure the ground, build the altar, prepare sacrificial vessels, to fetch wood and water, to light the fire, to bring the animal and immolate it,"and while doing this to repeat the Yajurveda; होता प्रथमं शंसति तमध्वर्युः प्रोत्साहयति Sk. See अच्छावाक also. -2 The Yajurveda itself. -pl. Adherents of that Veda. -Comp. -काण्डम् Name of a book of mantras or prayers intended for Adhvaryu priest. -कृतुः Sacrificial act performed by the Adhvaryu (Pāṇini II.4.4.) -वेदः Yajurveda.

Dictionary: Apte
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