adṛṣṭa अदृष्ट

Definition: अदृष्ट a. 1 Invisible, not seen; ˚पूर्व not seen before. -2 Not known or experienced, not felt; ˚विरहव्यथम् H.1.125. -3 Unforeseen, not observed or thought of; unknown, unobserved. तस्माददृष्टं त्वां भयमागमिष्यति Mb. 1.3.9. -4 Not-permitted or sanctioned, illegal; न चादृष्टां (वृद्धिं) पुनर्हरेत् Ms.8.153. -ष्टः Name of some venomous substance or vermin. -ष्टम् 1 The invisible one. -2 Destiny, fate, luck (good or bad); दैवमिति यदपि कथयसि पुरुषगुणः सो$यदृष्टाख्यः Pt.5.3. -3 Virtue or vice as the eventual cause of pleasure or pain. (Fate is supposed to be the result of good or bad actions done in one state of existence and experienced in another, the performance of good deeds being rewarded with residence in Heaven, and of bad deeds, visited with condemnation to Hell; धर्माधर्मावदृष्टं स्यात् धर्मः स्वर्गादि- साधन...अधर्मो नरकादीनां हेतुर्निन्दितकर्मजः Bhāṣā P.161-2. The Vedāntins do not recognize अदृष्ट or luck; तैर्हि कर्मणः सूक्ष्मावस्थापन्नसंस्कारविशेष एव अदृष्टस्थानीयत्वेनाङ्गीक्रियते; अदृष्टम् आत्मदर्म इति नैयायिका वैशेषिकादयश्च, सांख्यपातञ्जलास्तु बुद्धिधर्म इत्यम्युपगच्छन्ति Tv.) -4 An unforeseen calamity or danger (such as from fire, water &c.) -Comp. -अर्थ a. [ब.] having a metaphysical or occult meaning, metaphysical; having an object not evident to the senses. -कर्मन् a. one who has had no practice or practical experience, not practical, inexperienced; कर्म- स्वदृष्टकर्मा यः शास्त्रज्ञो$पि विमुह्यति H.3.54. -कल्पना Supposition of an invisible object or idea. दृष्टे सत्यदृष्टकल्पना$- न्याय्या -नरः, -पुरुषः one of the 2 ways of peace-making, in which no third person is seen, said of a treaty concluded by the parties themselves without a mediator यत्र शत्रुः पणं कुर्यात्सो$दृष्टपुरुषः स्मृतः H.4.119. -फल a. [ब.] that of which the consequences are not yet visible. (लम्) the (future) result of good or bad actions; the result or consequence hidden in the future. -हन् a. destroying poisonous vermin (?).

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