abhyupe अभ्युपे

Definition: ( i-), -upaiti- (3. plural -/upayanti-) to go near, approach, arrive at, enter etc. ; (with apaḥ-) to bathe ; to approach (in copulation) ; to go to meet any one (accusative) ; to enter a state or condition, obtain, share (Ved. infinitive mood -upaitos-) etc. ; to admit as an argument or a position (perf. p. genitive case plural -upeyuṣām-) commentator or commentary on and on ; to select as (accusative) ; to agree with, approve of (See abhy-upeta-): Passive voice -upeyate- to be approved of, admitted

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: RV. vi , 28 , 4, S3Br., Ka1tyS3r., Mn. xi , 259, Ya1jn5., Hit., BhP., AitBr., MBh., RPra1t., Nya1yam., Ba1d., MBh. i , 811, Das3., Sarvad.
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